Will you design my logo?

Yes!  And you can use it on everything you want after it’s created!  I’ll send you the files.

Will you do design work that is not for a shirt?  Or can I buy the artwork off of you and take it to another company for printing?

Yes and Yes!  I’d love a shot at printing your stuff, but if you want to print elsewhere I will still gladly do your artwork

What is your “turn around time” on artwork?

It depends but usually we are looking at 2 weeks.

What is your “turn around time” on printing?

About 2 weeks.

How do you handle payments?

You can pay with Paypal or traditional check.

Do you require a deposit for artwork?

Yes, half up front and the rest upon completion.  Usually I roll the price of artwork into the per shirt cost, thus you’d pay a deposit on the shirts prior to the artwork being started.

Do you require a deposit for T-shirt printing?

With the way we do things you would have to pay for your order in full prior to the printing since we are shipping the order directly to you.

Can you print just one shirt?

Yes!  It’s a tad more expensive but it’s doable. 

Is there anything you won’t print on a shirt?

Yes, though we should have conversation about that.  We like to keep our stuff family friendly but we don’t mind an “edgy style” in fact we are really good at that!



If your questions haven’t been answered, don’t be shy.  Reach out today!  I’m just a text/email/message away!  I’d love to help!